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Local SEO services are imperative for any business that wants to be found online.

Our team has years of experience developing local SEO strategies to improve online visibility in localised areas for businesses all of sizes across Australia.

Higher visibility, more clicks, more sales. Find out what we can do for your local business.

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Why you need a local SEO strategy

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Attract more qualified leads & customers

93% of customers start their purchasing decisions online - so if your goal is to attract more leads and customers, having a strong online presence is a necessity.

We work closely with our clients to increase their visibility online by taking a laser-focused approach to SEO strategy. We get to know your ideal customer, identify how they are searching for your services and structure local SEO campaigns based on the opportunities that will drive the best possible ROI.

Get an edge over the competition

We get an edge over your competitors by reverse engineering their strategies. We will learn exactly how they are driving leads, and use these insights to design a tailor-made strategy for success.

Competitor monitoring doesn't stop there though - your competitors will continue to invest in SEO, and we remain proactive by keeping a constant eye on what they're doing, and more importantly, what's working. Whether you are looking to dominate the eCommerce SEO landscape or generate more leads through SEO, we've got you covered.

Identify & connect with customers in key micro-moments

Content strategy is a huge part of SEO - and the best way for your brand to connect with your audience is by having an understanding of the full customer journey - and all of the micro-moments along the way that drive your customers to purchase.

When we partner with our clients we get to know them and their customers and put strategies in place that go beyond the final purchase, looking at the information they are seeking along the way. Work with a Brisbane SEO consultant that takes time to learn your business.

Build social proof & credibility

Positive online reviews are crucial to converting new customers. While marketing is always evolving, the power behind word of mouth is stronger than ever. In fact, 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses before purchasing.

We work with our clients to develop several techniques that help garner more reviews - giving them the social proof and credibility they deserve.

Why choose us as your Local SEO agency

SEO's not account managers

From initial consultation to strategy, you are working with SEOs, and only SEOs. No empty promises or misaligned expectations – dedicated technical expertise every step of the way.

ROI driven strategy

Every action we take will be goal-orientated and aligned to your long-term goals. Our discovery audit helps us identify how and where the budget will go. Prioritising initiatives that will drive the best return on investment.


SEO is evolving on a daily basis and the only way to stay ahead is by being proactive. We are obsessed with performance and will forensically monitor the ever-changing search landscape and your competitors.

Genuine partnership

SEO recommendations are only as strong as our relationship with you. We like to immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, training & educating along the way to facilitate continuous improvement.

Car Expert

A SEO approach that focused on high content velocity and an aggressive link building strategy to smash targets and drive exponential growth.


Increase in conversions


Increase in organic sessions


Increase in new users


As a new entrant to the electric scooter industry we had a lot of ground to make up - we did this by identifying key traffic drivers of top ranking competitors, and developed a strategy that primarily focused on connecting with users in the consideration phase of their customer journeys, with in depth buying guides, providing valuable information to the audience and helping guide them through to purchase.


Increase in organic revenue


Increase in organic sessions


Increase in new users

See what's next.

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Our 4 step formula to local SEO


We start every local SEO campaign with a deep dive into your website and competitor environment. Here we seek to generate insights that will help shape a long term roadmap to success, learning about the challenges that stand in our way and the opportunities we can exploit.


Quick wins are the name of the game here - while SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, there are levers we can pull to generate short term success. The real priority here is prioritising the implementation of changes that will yield the biggest impact.


Now the foundations are in place we are ready to scale - which is where we take your SEO onto another level. No local SEO service is the same, we custom build strategies to help you rise above the competition.

Test & Evolve

SEO never stands still, and your strategy shouldn't either. While we have long terms strategies in place, we're agile and proactively change things up as needed. SEO will never die, but a stale approach will.

Judge us by our results


Increase in organic sessions


Increase in new users


Increase in top 3 keywords

An aggressive content & link acquisition strategy that took Build’s SEO campaign to another level in the space of 4 months

Experience across the top local SEO platforms

Real testimonials from real people

Andre Van Der Merwe

"SEO has been a game-changing investment for us, and since starting with Alex 12 months ago, we have seen consistent growth - with organic sales up 253% year on year"

Nelvin Das

"Alex is very capable and understand the seo landscape well, what differentiates him from other seo companies is that he specialises just in seo. This allows Alex to be a master of his craft. If you are looking for someone who can help you in this space I would suggest reaching out to him"

Alborz Fallah

"We have gone from an upstart to over 1.2m unique visitors per month in less than 18 months thanks in large to the work and dedication from Alex and his team at SEO Partners - we have worked with plenty of SEO agencies in the past but none have delivered anywhere near the results"

Zoe Sharry

“I've worked with Alex for several years now in a number of capacities and his knowledge, commercial acumen and passion for SEO is rare to find.

Our B2B Construction Hire Marketplace has worked with the SEO Partners team for over a year now, and we highly recommend their services. They are always positive and professional - and importantly, get results online! They continue to impress us.”

Ricci Jandu

“We’ve seen consistent monthly growth since we started working with Alex last year – we’re a new site entering a relatively competitive space, and the level of transparency and expectation setting at the start was refreshing.”

Steven Wiseman

“Since hiring SEO Partners we had to put a pause on Google Ads because we couldn’t keep up with the lead volume driven from SEO. Alex provides an honest, transparent service and we’re delighted with the results.”

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